I've been a professional psychic for about 25 years. I read cards, I channel information directly from Spirit, I communicate with people who have passed on. These are all ways that I get information from "the other side," the non-physical realm. I can also contact people who are still alive but not present, if they have information they can share.

In this blog I intend to share information about what I do so that people who might need my services can find out about me, and also to help people who are interested in doing similar work.

People often ask me how I got into this line of work, so here's my background in a nutshell:

As a small child, I was able to hold two-way conversations with plants and animals. Growing up, I often knew what other people were thinking and feeling, but I assumed that was normal and thought nothing of it. When I was 38 I met a professional psychic who taught me to read playing cards and urged me to share my gifts by offering psychic readings to the public. In the course of doing readings with the cards, I gradually found out that I could do other things like channel Spirit or communicate with the dead. Somewhere along the line I learned to work with other spirits or energies and do things like clear houses and other spaces. I'll be writing articles about each of these aspects of my work; if you get tired of waiting feel free to ask questions.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Relationship Readings

As a professional psychic for over 2 decades, I’ve talked with many clients about many things. The most popular things that people want to know about are what I call the “holy trinity”: Love, Money, Health. And of the three, Love is, by far, the thing that most people are interested in finding out about.

Why do so many people come for relationship readings? Many people long for love and just want to know when it’s likely to come along. Some ask “What am I doing wrong?” Others ask why the relationship they’re in isn’t working. And some people are happy with their relationship and just want to verify that “everything’s okay” and it’s going to stay that way.

So what sorts of things can you learn from a relationship reading?

If you’re having trouble finding that special someone, there are many possible reasons for that. Maybe it’s some personality trait that you’re not aware of. Maybe it’s some lesson that you need to learn and are having difficulty learning. There are many reasons why people who really want to be in a good relationship have so much trouble finding it. A relationship reading can show you what’s going on so you can change things.

A reading can tell you how compatible you and your “intended” are. It can point out differences that need to be understood in order to make the relationship work. (It can also tell you if there are differences that just can’t be overcome.) You can find out if there are complications in the relationship that you aren’t aware of, such as “another man/woman” or maybe an interfering parent. If things aren’t going as well as you’d like, a reading can tell you at what point in the future the relationship might take a turn that you would like to see… or it might point out some reason why the relationship will never go the way you want.

The most important thing to realize is that a relationship reading can tell you what will happen in the future if you (and the other person, if there is one) continue doing what you’re doing now. So regardless whether the reading paints a positive picture or a not-so-pleasant one, either way you come away with information that can help you find what you’re looking for: happiness.

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