I've been a professional psychic for about 25 years. I read cards, I channel information directly from Spirit, I communicate with people who have passed on. These are all ways that I get information from "the other side," the non-physical realm. I can also contact people who are still alive but not present, if they have information they can share.

In this blog I intend to share information about what I do so that people who might need my services can find out about me, and also to help people who are interested in doing similar work.

People often ask me how I got into this line of work, so here's my background in a nutshell:

As a small child, I was able to hold two-way conversations with plants and animals. Growing up, I often knew what other people were thinking and feeling, but I assumed that was normal and thought nothing of it. When I was 38 I met a professional psychic who taught me to read playing cards and urged me to share my gifts by offering psychic readings to the public. In the course of doing readings with the cards, I gradually found out that I could do other things like channel Spirit or communicate with the dead. Somewhere along the line I learned to work with other spirits or energies and do things like clear houses and other spaces. I'll be writing articles about each of these aspects of my work; if you get tired of waiting feel free to ask questions.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quick Tips- Clearing / Smudging

A clearing smudge is a great way to start your day. It's also a good idea when you've been sitting at the computer for a long time, or doing anything else that's stressful or unpleasant. When I've been working at my computer for too long, I get to feeling edgy and tense. (Okay, and crazy!) A short break for a little stretching, some quick movement, and a good smudge will sort of get the kinks out and help me feel ready to get back to it.

Don't know what smudging is or how to do it? Smudging is the process of clearing energy using  smoke from various herbs. Sage or sweetgrass are commonly used, and often in the form of a smudge stick, which is just a bundle of the herb. You can read about smudging to clear a living space here, and the process for clearing yourself is very simple: While standing, bend over and hold the smudge stick near your feet, then move it around your body in a spiral motion as you straighten up, ending with the smudge stick over your head. It's simple and quick and you don't need a lot of smoke; if the smoke alarm goes off you used too much.

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