I've been a professional psychic for over 30 years. I read cards, I channel information directly from Spirit, I communicate with people who have passed on. These are all ways that I get information from "the other side," the non-physical realm. I can also contact people who are still alive but not present, if they have information they can share.

In this blog I intend to share information about what I do so that people who might need my services can find out about me, and also to help people who are interested in doing similar work.

People often ask me how I got into this line of work, so here's my background in a nutshell:

As a small child, I was able to hold two-way conversations with plants and animals. Growing up, I often knew what other people were thinking and feeling, but I assumed that was normal and thought nothing of it. When I was 38 I met a professional psychic who taught me to read playing cards and urged me to share my gifts by offering psychic readings to the public. In the course of doing readings with the cards, I gradually found out that I could do other things like channel Spirit or communicate with the dead. Somewhere along the line I learned to work with other spirits or energies and do things like clear houses and other spaces. I'll be writing articles about each of these aspects of my work; if you get tired of waiting feel free to ask questions.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Herbal Healing Bath

I just finished a wonderful and powerful herbal healing bath, which was put together for me as a Christmas present by my very talented and knowledgeable wife, Jill.

For those of you who like to know such things, it contained horsetail, wormwood, lemon verbena, skullcap, pink roses, rehmannia, angelica root, celery seed, dandelion root, white willow bark, and baikal. Also essential oils of juniper berry, hyssop, balsam fir, tangerine, fennel, cypress, lavender, and spearmint. Also flower essences of aspen and olive and, to top it all off, quartz, pearl, kyanite, and sugilite.

These particular plants and stones, in this combination, help to generate and increase qualities of openness and expansiveness in the recipient. Thank you, Jill, for a wonderful experience!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Learning to be Present, Calm, and At Peace

Being present means being right here right now; it means being in your body. If you’re present you're paying attention to what you're doing. All your focus is on what you’re doing. If your mind wanders off to something else, or the past, or the future, you're no longer present, you're no longer in your body.


I first read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now about 15 years ago. (If you haven’t read this wonderful book, he talks about how being present is the key to being calm, at peace, and even enlightened, and how the mind can destroy all these things with its ceaseless yammering and worrying.) I recognized the validity of his message within a few minutes of opening the book but I can't really say that it changed my life in any way. I practiced his techniques for being present but they didn't stick with me for more than a few minutes. My mind was always in the past or the future, not in the Now.

A few years ago I got the audio version of the book and listened to it. Again I recognized the truth of what he says, and as I listened there were so many points that struck me as particularly important that I began to write them down so I wouldn't forget them. But there were so many that I filled page after page with these things that I didn't want to forget, until there were so many that they were no longer special and each new one pushed one of the older ones out of my head and it became pointless to write them down. He says that being present feels good, that it makes you calm and peaceful, but doing the techniques he teaches made me anxious, not calm. There were too many techniques to practice, and too many things to remember.

Reaching the end of the book, I started again from the beginning, deciding to just listen this time. In Chapter 6 he talks about the body and how important the body is to becoming enlightened. There were certain passages that seemed particularly important and I played them over and over. “Your inner body lies at the threshold between your form identity and your essence identity, your true nature. Never lose touch with it.” He talks about how very important it is to stay firmly rooted in your body, and that if you’re thinking about the past or the future you're not in your body. I had found my big ah-ha! Forget all those other techniques; focus on the body, stay in the body!

I began to practice being aware of what my body was doing. Walking, sitting, doing things, I tried to stay aware of just what it was I was doing, rather than letting my mind wander. If I suddenly realized that I was thinking about the past or the future, I put my attention back on what I was actually doing. I actively practiced being aware of the inner energy field of my body, and I noticed that after keeping my attention there a short amount of time I did indeed feel calm and relaxed, just as Eckhart said. I began practicing relaxing deeply whenever I sat, putting my attention on my body and feeling my energy body. Finally, one day, I was having a particularly hectic day and, without even intending to, I sat and went into my inner energy body just to stop my mind and get away from everything. When I realized what I had done, I knew this was a milestone! Instead of being a foreign technique that I was forcing myself to practice, it had become a part of me that I turned to, without thinking, when I needed it.

Now, almost every time I sit, I automatically relax deeply into my body and feel my energy body. I’m much calmer in general and when I do get upset about something (and I do!), it’s not as deep and doesn’t last as long. My mind spends much less time in the past and the future, and more time focused on what I’m doing.


If being present is something you’re having difficulty with (or if you’ve never even tried), let me offer these specific suggestions:
  • Sit and notice what your body is doing. What are your hands doing, what are your legs doing, what is your facial expression? Relax so much that it feels like your whole body is sinking into your butt. What does your body feel like? Can you feel your inner energy field? (Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means; you’ll find out.)
  • Walk into the other room. Notice your arms move as you walk. What does your head do? What does the floor feel like under your feet? If you move from hardwood to carpet (or whatever), notice how it feels different.
  • As you’re reading this, notice what your body is doing. Your hands. Your legs. Notice if you turn your head as you read the screen.
  • Ask Spirit (or whatever your preferred word is) to make you aware when you’re wasting time by being in the past or the future. When it happens, put your attention on whatever your body is doing at that moment.

When you do any of these little exercises, if that’s all you’re thinking about, you are totally present at that specific time. The more you do things like these, the more you get used to being present, and the more natural it becomes.

It’s strangely calming and gratifying to just watch your hands putting dishes in the cupboard, or to feel your feet touch the floor as you walk, and not be thinking about something else. The bottom line is, it feels good to be present. I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Follow-up readings

I love getting those calls where the person says, "Hi, John, you did a reading for me (2 years ago, 6 months ago, whatever) and I just found out you were right about everything so I want to schedule a followup reading." 
I did one of those followups last night. Her initial reading was 2 years ago, and just recently the things I had told her were going to happen did happen, even though they seemed unlikely at the time of that first reading.
I recently did a followup for a client whose initial reading was 5 years ago, and she called me when my (unlikely) prediction came true.
It's so gratifying when clients share these things with me.